Secret Garden Rendezvous

I got the chance to style Riley and Sarah to do a little creative with Alex and Minjee and the whole thing reminded me of WeCouldGrowUpTogether.

I could've survived the middle of a jungle for a good month all dressed up without having to repeat an outfit. Riley is wearing my clothes but I don't look the same wearing my own clothes. 


BTS for #Dystopia144

Here's a little preview from our campaign shoot for a fundraiser fashion show our class is doing for the Covenant House. We had an amazing team and the day could not have gone any better, including the weather.


Smoke Break

I have been incredibly busy in the past month and it doesn't look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. 

Here are a couple of quick shots of my brother taking a smoke break.
I sorta chased him on his way out. 



The concept behind this image was based on two different events that happened at the same time when this photograph was taken: 
London Fashion Week and the protest in Ukraine.

 I find it very interesting how such contrasting events where going on at the same time from neighbouring countries. The idea came about when I opened my social media accounts and what I saw where overlapping images of beauty and gore. 

424 Fifth

It is quite unusual for a rack of clothing grab ahold of my attention from afar and draw me in to further examine it and question my knowledge about "how the hell I did not know about this line?!"

Yes, I have had many occasions where I do nothing but just go through miles of racks of garments to just find that right piece to add my so called bedroom overflowing with clothes that has turned into an episode of fashion hoarders because I just have to have it in case an emergency comes up. Well that's my excuse or perhaps I was working my triceps. I am such a multi-tasker.

My first encounter with 424 Fifth was actually when I stumbled upon a skirt that begged me to be picked off of a sales rack where it should not have been because let's face it, a beautiful piece like this should never be left without a home so I did what a considerate person would do and gave it a proper shelter where it receives love and attention.

It is always a challenge to find the right balance combining elegance with colour when you don't have a beauty team to fix you when you wake up. No one wakes up flawless. 

Luckily, wearing 424 Fifth gives you that feel good and look good guaranteed to receive proper compliments and you can wear the collection from day to night even if you don't fix your hair. (see image 2) It should almost be written on the tags.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that they carry petite sizes! 

Make sure you stop by tonight at the Hudson's Bay Vancouver on Granville Street to check out Lord & Taylor 424 Fifth to preview the spring/ summer 2014 collection.  


commercial product shoot: Burt's Bees tinted lip balm

Here it is, guys! The finalized version of my commercial product shoot for a tinted lip balm with the lovely Irene Koulougliotis.

Irene is the perfect representation of an "earth friendly", all natural product company, Burt's Bees.

I can't wait to have it printed and added to my portfolio