It's been a while since we've gone to a thrift shop, so we decided going to Value Village will be the highlight of the day. And since all of us hasn't had anything to eat, we made a stop at Ba Le at Kingsway and Fraser. Best sandwich I had! It was actually my dad who introduced us to that joint. oh, and that coffee? phew! made us all crazy. just look at K.
it may be drugged. haha?

funny: K asked Florence to remind her not to forget to buy milk before heading home... and next thing you know, the van right beside us was filled with 'em! we could've taken one, but we didn't. we're nice. :)

what did I get myself, you ask?

A Zegna coat, a pair of Bostonian penny loafers, and another trench coat.
Nikki bought me the leather organizer/bag. thanks!


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