"I cried a little inside...."

I told Nikki I'd do anything to get rid of a bag that she's a little too attached. It's not that I'm a horrible, bitter person, it's the fact that the bag is falling apart. literally. see for yourself. 

Well, what do you think? Aren't I right? 
So instead I bought her this... It's just much better, I think.
We switched the bag right after purchasing it and quickly threw the other one to the nearest trash bin.

It's no Louis Vuitton or Birkin but practical and simple. right? right?
The idea is to just be able to quickly shove something in it without the worry of ruining a perfectly good bag. You don't want to be a victim (according to Mr. Lagerfeld)

And so after that, while still "...crying a little inside.", we then went to a Nail salon.
 It's been long overdue! our feet are starting to grow potatoes.. :(
aaah....! how relaxing. Yes, I did get mine done as well.
don't judge me. You should try it, boys!

next stop. Main Street! 
We were as excited as Ned Flanders when he sees purple drapes!
Man, it's been forever since we've gone there and let me tell yah, lots of changes. lots!
tons of good stores. old and new.

Let's not talk about Main street. We're too broke to speak of that place.

Coffe break. Starbucks. shut up, Timmy-loving, sister!
This person gave me that eye-rolling stare... and then said, "....looks like what my grandpa would wear."
I ought to slap that woman! I was wearing penny-loafers, a scarf, a trench coat and jeans.
penny-loafers! what is wrong with them?!
OK. now if you look at any shoe store around, everything is either inspired or copied from older styles:
brogues, loafers, etc.

I know I shouldn't, but let's compare...
I wore this.. while this supposedly fashionable, (don't like that term) trendy person is wearing a:
1. A white/cream polyester coat that is turning grey that is a size too small.
2. knock-off pair of UGG boots with wedge heels and faux-fur trims.
3. enough said.

That's what I don't like about people being judgemental. 
A style is personal.
A person might not like it but the other might.
So don't go blabbing about what is "fashionable and trendy" when you, yourself is ignorant about style.
I do know what suits me, and what doesn't.

Now what "works", and what doesn't is a different. 
I don't mind having a conversation about that.

I apologize if I'm being bitter.
too much coffee perhaps.


hand her downs



It's been a while since we've gone to a thrift shop, so we decided going to Value Village will be the highlight of the day. And since all of us hasn't had anything to eat, we made a stop at Ba Le at Kingsway and Fraser. Best sandwich I had! It was actually my dad who introduced us to that joint. oh, and that coffee? phew! made us all crazy. just look at K.
it may be drugged. haha?

funny: K asked Florence to remind her not to forget to buy milk before heading home... and next thing you know, the van right beside us was filled with 'em! we could've taken one, but we didn't. we're nice. :)

what did I get myself, you ask?

A Zegna coat, a pair of Bostonian penny loafers, and another trench coat.
Nikki bought me the leather organizer/bag. thanks!


"Normal's not normal"


Stanley Park

On the first week of Spring, we decided to visit Stanley Park for a little walk.


a proud owner of ...

a fully paid DSLR camera :).
Oh, you don't know how happy I am. 
I take quite a lot of pictures. And by that, I mean A LOT!

I went to Metrotown yesterday since the closest Best Buy from home is over there. The first day-off is always an errand day. sigh. Went through Chapters for a coffee run, and bought myself a magazine.

Sat outside for a few minutes to read.
Did I mention I bought myself a cape?


"to die for..."

It was Nikki's birthday on the 18th and we were not able to celebrate. 
...Although we did see each other the day after.

I did work that day but went home early and so we just met somewhere downtown to have some sort of a celebration. hanged out, ate, and did a lot of laughing.
It was fun!

Of course, for some reason, I did not have the camera. (stupid me.)

what did I get her, you ask?
a pair of DVF shoes.

I felt bad. real bad. and so did she (don't ask). We're weird like that.
OK. here's the thing... there were 2 DVF shoes that Nikki had to choose from, and she can only have one. Can you just imagine a woman having to choose between two, equally great looking shoes? Imagine the horror.

I'm such a heartbreaker. :)

so here it is... the pair that we ended up choosing...


coming soon

Spring.. that is.
It getting warmer by the day (or at least it starting to look like it)
maybe because we have to adjust the time an hour back.

According to the Weather Network though...
"don't put your coats away just yet..."
I watch that channel like 90-year-old grandpa!
 (oh, I can die happy in front of the network channel)

And as soon as I stepped out of the door, I went straight back in. It was freezing.

 wrong idea.

holy crap, it's 9:04!
I'm gonna be late for work!