all things canvas

Lately I've attracted to anything made of canvas. (bags, jackets, etc.)
The heaviness of the fabric protects you from the chilly wind but doesn't make you too hot.

I want these C.C. Filson canvas bags in all colours.
(available at RodenGray)


ogres are like onions, they have layers

I wore an oversized scarf, 2 tanks, a black double-breasted cardigan, and a big grey cardigan together with my (favourite) drop-crotch pants as an alternative to sweat pants.

The plan is to walk around Stanley Park if the weather turns out great. it did. We were expecting a little bit of a rain but all we actually got was a big dark cloud hovering around my neighbourhood. It sort of cleared up after a while as we head towards West.

The sun gets really warm from time to time and none of us bothered to bring a pair of sunglasses.




I've been forced to buy myself another black shirt.
 I just realized that all of the coloured shirts that I own all have patterns on them which means it is not possible for me to wear them (in a suit) to work .

I don't have problems with buying more clothes, the only issue is the fit.
It's not that I'm asking for them to fit me like it's custom-made. My only wish is to have the clothes fit properly. I don't look like an anorexic man, nor an obese one. 

The only solution I can come up with now is to make shirts and pants from scratch.
buy bolts of fabric and learn to make 'em!

tie worn as a bowtie, dress shirt, long johns and boots. not!

shoe care

There is nothing worse than buying a pair of good leather shoes only to be ruined by the rain.
not available in Vancouver. :(

mens loafer and galoshes by SWIMS

goodbye (for now)

or is it?

I understand scarves (cotton, silk, or linen perhaps?) can still be worn around early spring or sometimes even summer, but I don't think it is something most men do.

Around these times, scarves become an accessory for looks instead of something to cover you up for warmth. So I guess I won't be needing them in the next six months so I've packed and rolled them stored them away.


looks vs. function

I bought this jacket from Old Navy more than two years ago. 

What I don't get about it is its actual use...
it is neither a windbreaker nor a raincoat.
the wind goes through the fabric because it does not have a lining 
and water seeps through the fabric since it's made of cotton.

what is it?


a week old.

This is how my hair was 7 days ago.
It grows a little too fast.


"I can see you from afar.... so bright..."

It's really hard when you work at a place that requires you to wear nothing but black, especially when my wardrobe consists of colors. lots of 'em. OK, maybe not that colorful, but I don't live in New York (yet). After a while they allow you to wear "accents" underneath a jacket or a sweater after "receiving compliments" from customers according the "head office".

And then today they handed out a sheet of paper telling me how I am suppose to look. at work. (sigh)

pants: black. dress pants or chinos (but it has to be Haggar, Dockers, and this other crappily made brand. I was fine with that but the problem is the fit. The fit is horrible, at least on me. It just doesn't suit my body type. I simply cannot waste money on clothing that even my father won't wear. . Oh! speaking of fits, I asked if I can wear drop-crotch pants. the reply? "No, hammer pants!"
This is what I don't understand! When I work, they place me to either "accessories" or "designers", but I'm not allowed to wear things that coincide with the department I am placed. aaaaah....!

shoes: any color! maybe I can buy some extremely colorful pair? leopard print, perhaps? I wonder how they'd react to that. 

mandatory: socks! noooooooooooooooooo! those no-show ones? oh, yeah I asked. I just received a smile.
ties. bow-ties OK

shirt: black. or solid if worn under a sweater or a jacket. 

summer is just around the corner and I'll be a man in black. 

and then I thought of Raf Simons

my darn nose is driving me crazy!!!!


my two scents

The trend is slowly shifting and so has the mood. 

At first I was thinking: "I should have a signature scent.", but it's not that easy. How do you find that scent, and can you really commit to sticking to that one? What if as soon as you find the one that you like, they discontinue the product? 

At first I liked the Versace Pour Homme, but as the weather slowly warms up, I started gravitating towards a lighter scent. About a week ago, Nikki and I went to Sephora to buy a tinted moisturizer. (hers not mine) And with that purchase, she had enough points for a sample sized Givenchy Play cologne. 

It's light, not too citrus-sy nor too fruit-y, and has a little bit of a woods-y smell.
I like it. :) 

Are you changing your cologne/perfume?


which one

The weather is getting warmer and Spring feels official.
 Time to pack all those heavy winter fabrics away and take the lighter ones out.
But that's not the only thing changing - scent, haircut, accessories, shoes, make-up/hair products and every thing else is.

So tell me...
  • Are you going to opt for that signature scent of yours, or are you switching to a lighter scent?
  • Switching from foundation to a tinted moisturizer?
  • Will you be going sockless, or are you going to embrace layers and textures?
  • Are you finally cut your hair short?
  • Brighter make-up or nude?

... which one and how do you decide?

rolled up the rim and...

we won!             ...a donut.

I wonder how much I've spent on coffee...
but hey, it's a free donut.


Central Park

What was supposedly a walk around the neighbourhood became a day at the park.
The sun was high up so we took advantage of the warm weather.

Marc Jacobs and thrifted sunglasses

green tea ice cream slush and mango ice cream slush

oh, no!

hungry squirrels

Whitecaps vs. Minnesota