ease the pain

Yesterday did not start off the same. I took the skytrain and got off at Granville station. As we all know, skytrains are always full and most people always rush their way out to get to work. So then since I was in front of all the crowd, I walked my way up the escalator and I tripped without a free hand to hold on to something. My face was about an inch away from the moving step so I turned away facing the crowd and I saw all their faces in slow-motion.
holy $#!@! did that hurt. 

Embarrassed as I was, I acted as though nothing happened and carried on, I tried to continue walking up but the pain was agonizing. I limped my way up with my head down and my first instinct was to grab my phone and try to call someone. The whole thing happened too quick. The only thing in my mind was.. 
"What the hell happened?"
"...could it be that my jeans are too tight?" 
something had to be blamed, right?

Anyway, I met with Florence when I got off work and bought me a new pair of boots and a onesie.
The boots were only $39 so I couldn't say no.

made the pain go away. :)

 boots: Zara

It's not that complicated

Coming up with an outfit can be pretty tough from choosing a silhouette, matching and paring pieces, blending colours, to accessorizing but it does not have to be. 
Have you taken a closer look at that item you're thinking of wearing?
If it's a blazer, look at the lining...
..or the tabs on those boots..
..maybe the stitching on those jeans..
or the button-hole stitching on that jacket.

don't make it too complicated.

sweaters: Gap, Gant ,Selected

rubber boots:Tretorn

peacoat: Tommy Hilfiger

Levi's Skinny Jeans

jacket: Gilded Age
belt: D&G

tote bag: DKNY

t-shirt: Lanvin ♡ H&M
fox tail: ???

Monochromatic Sundays pt. 3

My preferred way of using the DKNY tote shown on picture 2.

scarf: unknown
striped sweater: Club Monaco
dress pants: Report Collection
dress shoes: Bostonian
also seen here
tote bag: DKNY Active
also seen here

DKNY Active Canvas Shopper

Found myself another (tote) bag, but this time it's made of cotton.
The big contrasting logo bothers me a little so I plan on painting over the logo and it doesn't look bad inside-out.



I feel like doing nothing today but it's not an option.
Sometimes I just want to stay in the dark, rest and not be bothered.

scarf: Mexx


Emo? perhaps.
This was the only time I had to shoot a video of the (unexpected) snow and it's about twenty minutes before my shift, just waiting outside of my workplace.

I really like the snow and it doesn't always come around in Vancouver.
"You're the only adult that I know who gets excited about the snow." - girlfriend

music by: Sia - Breathe Me

vintage Russian messenger bag

I was doing great until I saw this bag. 
A vintage messenger bag that has something stamped on the inside-part of the pocket flap - Russian.
At first I wasn't sure what the origin of the language was, and then I bumped into a co-worker who I haven't seen for the longest time (Hi, Katie!) and she confirmed that it is Russian.

The size is perfect.
There is just enough room to fit the ipad or my macbook and still has a little bit of a room for something else.
now the only problem is I'd like to know what it says.

The only thing I can see and understand is "1976" at the bottom and I believe it says "storm" on the top-right part.
Can you read what it says?


Organic Hookers!

These sweet treats came all the way from San Francisco.
nooooo waaaaay....!
I know!
It was actually my sister who requested these organic caramel treats from Florence when she went but then being "the assistant", I got some as well.
(Thanks, F!)

They're apparently quite difficult to find because they always sell out since they're soooo good.
That's right boys and girls.. I'm still salivating while I'm typing these words.

These caramels are the type of dessert you just shove in your mouth and say
 "...fuck it, I just want something sweet and I'll just devour this tiny little thing."
OK. well.. I don't think anyone really says that but you get my point.
These little buggers are so good you'd want to enjoy every single bite.
They're not too sweet and there's a little bit of salt sprinkled on top that balances the whole taste.

..and there's also a bar of Rocky Road chocolate and a bar of dark chocolate that are also good.

I recommend if ever you go to San Francisco that you go look for these treats.
Just like how you should try the fish tacos from TacoFino when you go to Tofino!

sssh.. there's one more left and I'll eat it before Nikki gets home.

from top right. clockwise.

1. Hookers sweet treats
sea salted dark chocolate covered caramels

2. Bi-Rite Creamery
rocky road chocolate bar

3. Ghirardelli 
intense dark espresso escape chocolate bar


Suko hat


Once in a while I stop by Winners just to check on accessories or a "something random" that I can splurge without breaking the bank. You always have to have an open mind whenever you go to that store because of how random their selections are and to shop for something specific there is close to impossible.
but thanks to their randomness... we often find some hidden treasures.

At first, I doubted if I should get this hat. 
 because it's made of acrylic! 
That (shit) material never lasts and pills like there's no tomorrow.

so I got it anyway because...
1. if I was to let go of it and come back another day, I know for sure that it won't be there anymore.
2. the pom pom is big!
3. it was less than $20.


that giant pom-pom

I remember seeing this photo from Club Monaco and I thought "I have to have it!" I asked the manager. 

"Do you know when these will come out?"
"Which ones?"
"That hat with a giant pom-pom on it."
She actually checked her inventory to see if those darn things will come out!
"No... I don't see it here.. not even in the month or two."
how sad was I?!
So then guess what I did? 
I went online to email the head office and asked very nicely and I received a response right away.

Hello Jerome, thank you for your inquiry. The wool hat you are referring to is not for sale. The hat is a prop for the holidays. Below is a picture of a pom pom hat that we do have for sale. Please let me know if I can help you find the hat in a store nearest to you.
Thank you, Gita Prasad

Gita Prasad

Store Operations- North America
Club Monaco 601 W. 26th Street, 8th Floor New York, NY 10001
t: 1 917 606 3962 f: 1 646 607 6601

It's been more than a year and I still see that picture on their wall!
It pains me every time I go to that store (Robson St.) and visit menswear knowing that that hat on the picture will never be in my possession.
I should've just purchased the one with the tiny pom pom, bought wool and replaced the pom pom instead.



Monochromatic Sundays pt.2

I just remembered how I named a post called "Monochromatic Sundays" for the reason that working at the other job requires me to wear black, and it's always on Sundays.

The outfit I came up with was inspired by Lanvin and a newspaper boy.

sunglasses: Lanvin for H&M
trench coat & tuxedo pants: Club Monaco
pullover: Banana Republic
button-down dress shirt: Strellson
suspenders: vintage/thrifted
shoes: Bostonian
leather tote: Roots


coin purse

I went out today hoping to find a robot keychain, specifically from the flea market.
With no luck, I just went downtown for a quick stroll thinking there may be a chance of finding such thing at a vintage store.
nope. no luck. 

Although I did spot a leather coin purse that is in my (non-existent) list whilst I was doing my so-called search. I use to own a white one years ago but it magically disappeared - possibly because it was filled with coins. 

There is nothing more annoying than a pocket full of loose change that makes "clinking" sounds and it's always impossible to find them when you need to use them.

Isn't she a beauty? (yes, it's a girl)
I liked this one better than the one I used to own because this is about 30% smaller.
and it's only $6!


Julia Child made me do it.

It may be her personality, the amount (a lot) of butter she uses, or how she burned her fingers making eggs,
she got me hooked!
I just saw her making omelette on TV and with how she was doing it, it was just mesmerizing that I had to make some myself.


"fresh" start

It's the beginning of the year and starting out fresh, Nikki and I.
...and we'll start it with this new coffee maker we received from K, T and Charlie (the diva dog)

nothing starts a good day more than a fresh brewed coffee.
and we'll try to be loyal to Nabob. not Folgers.

Roots Daily Tote

To find a bag that is sophisticated (simple) and has a classic (clean) design that one can use on a daily basis is pretty challenging. 
The more basic an item looks, the more expensive it gets (why is that?). 
and while we look for minimal features, oftentimes we still yearn for extra things. 
(e.g. lining, pockets, details, etc)
Sometimes the only thing you have to consider is the material and it's craftsmanship.

There is a brand that we all know and love for it's minimal and elegant design. CÉLINE.

Though as much as I'd like to own every single colour of the CÉLINE cabas totes, I'm afraid it just not is affordable for me (yet)

I've been searching high and low for a bag similar to the cabas tote but to find it when you're picky and have a low-budget is like finding a needle in a haystack.
Coincidentally, on my way home there was a store with this bag hanging from a rack that caught my attention.
Alas! a leather tote bag!
...with no gigantic logo stamped on that's visible. (le sigh).
and a small pocket just right for keys.