goodbye Sundays

I am now back to working on Sundays since the month has ended and I only requested to have this month off May off. 

goodbye alcohol. back to being a grown-up

sunglasses: POLO by Ralph Lauren
bowtie: Giorgio Armani
vest: MEXX
shirt: Zara
pants: H&M
shoes: Floyd

M0851 passport case

a little something I got myself after I got off work on my birthday. ( I know!)
I am not travelling without my passport protected.


birthday boy


if Batman was an Aussie

You'd probably see him sporting this Hip Pack by Temple Bags x Mosley Tribes this summer.
A manly pack you can wear without looking like a lost tourist. (Hi, Dad!)

 Made of re-purposed military canvas, oiled saddle leather details and antique brass hardware 
+ two inner pockets to keep your things separated. 
(I can be OCD organized without looking nerdy)

HIP PACK = manly 
fanny pack = not manly

I do have the iPhone and a nice pair of aviator sunglasses but not the Hip Pack. (ay dios mio!)
but my birthday is coming. do you love me? 
but me it? please? NOW!

my sister K has a similar one for about 1/10 of the price because it's "threeef-teeed" (psh!)
I still plan on stealing it.


TOMS shoes

I still remember this Asian lady wearing some sort of black cotton slip on shoes that I really liked, but of course she'd probably think I'm a weirdo if i were to approach her and ask for what brand they are. (maybe I should post it on Craigslist's missed connection.)

enough of that. These shoes by TOMS started showing up at the Aldo Sale Shop  and I just had to get 'em. My first choice was the  green plaid but the size was not available so I waited it out a bit, and not everyone was fond of the other color but me so i got them. I do know that the brighter colour would look better as soon as it gets really hot and bright out. And as for the plain beige? might as well. lol.

If I were you, I'd get a basic colour so they can be your basic go to shoes that you can just slip on this summer.
Make it a guy's version of those foldable flats that women always have in their bag.


this month...

...a lot of changes NEEDS  to be done.

I had these sketches two years ago when I was going to apply for school.
I made these on 2009 thinking about what I was "release" for the next spring/summer season. :)


I made a couple of garments as well but I was short of one to make it in school. I'll most likely other take some night courses to be able to make new ones.

what d'ya guys think?!
which one(s) would you wear? 


you're love is my drug

Veronica and MJ