current desire: Barbour® x To Ki To sporting quilt jacket

go ahead.. buy it and rub it on my face. I'll take a sniff. I'll be happy with that.

(available at J.Crew)


Paul Smith Felt Trilby Hat

Guess what I just crossed off my bucket list?! a hat!
I never thought this day would happen freakin' happen! To finally wear a hat without looking like a fool.
I've never own a hat nor a baseball cap my whole darn life and I blame it on the size of my head. (they're massive!)

I remember the stories about Woodwards from my colleagues at the other job oh how it used to be "the high-end retail store", with the elevator attendants and a hat shop where you can get your hat feathers replaced. (oh, how I dream of those good 'ol days).

Now that we're talking about hats, do you know of any hat stores here in Vancouver?
Will you be wearing them this season?

Now, before I start wearing this, I'll do my own little research about how to take care of them and proper etiquettes. Don't you just love learning?

what do you think?


current desire: Comme Des Garçons Shirt "Brogue Leather Oxfords"

go ahead... buy it and flaunt it. I'll admire it from afar.

 (now available at GravityPope)


details in the fabric

There are times when I just have no clue what to wear. It's also those times that I opt for a monochromatic  palette. It gives me the chance to play with different textures, shades or types of fabrics of the same colour.

shirt: FCUK
cropped paperbag pants: JNBY
boots: ALDO
recycled plastic reusable bag: Kenneth Cole


the beauty in collaborations

You know what's beautiful? 

The integration of two brilliant minds being unified to come up with something surreal just when we think they have outdone themselves with their own creations and we never would think is possible. It's when a alliance of knowledge comes into fruition that surprises us in an awe as we witness the product of the combined brilliance.

From the sound of a musical instrument to the way we move and dance to it..
or the partnership of two different designers creating a amazing garment.

It's just inspiring.


it's so fluffy!

I can't wait for this summer to end! waaaaa!

I know, I know.. there's still that NYFW going on with all those beautiful garments on the runways for the next summer, but who am I kidding?! I am not an uber-popular (read: nowhere near) blogger like Bryanboy nor Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast who has access to front-row seats all things that they can just randomly tweet and would just magically appear in a pretty box with a bow outside of their 10-star hotel rooms. Gee, I can't even lay my eyes on a single item I drool over online or in a magazine.

So here I am, in the basement of a house fluff-ing up a mohair sweater that I bought from a vintage store last year that I never really got the chance to wear last winter. Oh, the joy of being alone. sigh.

I notice a lot of brands carrying mohair sweaters. 
oh, look who's in trend. me.

the question is... 
i don't think so.


"Protect Your Largest Organ"

I am not the biggest fan of the heat. 
I'd trade a hot summer day for a breezy cold night in the season of fall. I may as well be one of those Asians who'd use an umbrella to protect themselves from the sun.

shirt: Marc Jacobs 
skinny jeans: Levi's 
shoes: thrifted 


I came across a brand of shoes that I haven't heard of. 
I find that the design is clean and simple, though there is something quite unusual about it. As simple as  they are, there's a distinct design in the footwear that one may call a signature. 

The design method fits the description that I tend to look for when it comes to shopping for footwear.
neat, aren't they?

the pair I'm wearing is a 445 gram.

" Gram is all about making sophisticated sneakers. We create shoes that fill the gap between sneakers and traditional shoes. 

Our roots lie in the Scandinavian design aestetic; design with clean lines and attention to details. Each model being unique in its own simplicity.

The brand is centered around the concept of weight, with each shoe being named after its weight in grams.

Leather, nylon, rubber, canvas, wool, suede - at Gram we love shoes. In particular shoes that you can wear at the office as well as on a night out. 


The 2011 NikeMag

Remember Back to the Future?!
who doesn't?

Nike actually made Marty McFly's kicks and you only less than an hour to get a hold of them.

The logo lights up for up to 4 hours in a single charge! aaah! it's too awesome!

I bet you most fashion bloggers are too focused on NYFW and does not know about these.
yes, yes, they are not one of those expensive, high-end brands that you'll see on the runway, but I want them. really bad. so bad that I'd...... you get the idea.

And of course all I can do is dream of these shoes because there is no way in hell I can afford a pair.
The lowest bid I see right now is $5,600 and the highest is $12,000.

another dream crushed. sigh.

on the brighter note, all net proceeds from the auction sales will go directly to the Michael J. Fox Foundations for Parkinson's Research.

So if you have the extra thousand dollars lying around, go bid on a pair and rub in on my face when you get them.



All thanks to Irene that all stores were closed for the whole weekend.
So then we just went for a very long walk.

Oh, yeah... I did a little sewing. 


feature: Vancouver's Runway

Guess who got featured? me! 
The plain 'ol boring me got noticed walking down Robson street by the guy behind Vancouver's Runway, Paul Melo.

go check out the site and tell me what you think.

shirt: thrifted
shorts: Club Monaco
shoes: Floyd


I got these little buggers from the kidrobot® store in Soho.
They came in tiny little boxes and packages and you get a random design from the series.
I was really hoping to get the brass knuckles zipper pull and the lightning keychain. :(



The first thing we did was visit the Empire State Building which is not that far from the hotel we stayed at. Good thing we had the "CityPass", which allowed us to cut through some lines and were given the audio tour of the city from the top of the building. It gave us a good idea of where everything is. 

And then there was the Library...
man, was it huge!
Though we did not get to explore the whole building, I was impressed on how beautiful it was. 
And the smell of old books? oh! A book-lover would have an orgasm. ahihihihi..!

We did walk for hours and we came across the Cathedral so we stopped by for a little prayer. 
I felt a little rude snapping pictures so I tried to limit myself by taking only a few.
There was also a couple getting married and the church closed early because of Irene.

We noticed the windows are all boarded up and there were signs everywhere saying stores will be closed for the weekend. Boo!

But then we took advantage of the rest of the night and went to the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center.
We thought it'd be neat to see the city at night with all the lights this time.


Bodhi Beads