hand carved ¢25 paperweight


current desire: 18 Waits "The Danko"

As my new obsession for hats continues, another one caught my attention. 
It just so happens that this specific one comes in mossy green. 

"  The Danko, named in tribute to the legendary Band bassist Rick Danko, is an all-Canadian affair. Developed in collaboration with Biltmore Hats, Canada’s oldest and best hat maker, this wool felt chapeau was shaped using antique molds dug-up in the back rooms of the factory. Once the factory finishes their work, we then custom shape each hat. No two are exactly the same. Really unique, really cool hat.  "

The Versace x H&M hype

One way or another, whether you care or not, you'll hear about the new collaboration at H&M with Versace from hashtags such as "occupy" to tweets like "I don't give a f*** about the collection."

I woke up a little past 7 this morning and headed downtown to check the scene not even expecting that I'd get a hold of a single piece I am interested in. The only items I was curious to see were the t-shirts and scarves. Luckily, I ended up finding both the scarves and shirts!

The funny thing is, there was a bunch of black t-shirts left and somebody just forgot to bring them out. ha! The lucky, patient me got a hold of both medium AND large. Then there was a couple who was speaking another language with this excited yet disappointed look that I had two on my hand and I could tell that they were looking for the same one. I felt bad and told them there was another one hiding in between the trousers. They grabbed it right away and said, "Sank you!" (thank you in English) LOL.
looks like I have done my good deed of the year. 

Were you there? 
Did you line up? 
How much did you spend?

Would you really spend $3000 on a diffusion line? 
Somebody just did and I even saw a group of 4 carrying 12 large paper bags. crazy.

I wouldn't. It is just a hype after all.

fedora: Brixton
scarf: H&M
cardigan: Gap
leather bomber jacket: Club Monaco
skinny slouch pants: Gap
shoes: Floyd

The Silver Surfer

It seems as though sterling silver rings are what I look for whenever I head to the Vancouver Flea Market. There are two tables that I frequently visit there and I never leave the place without purchasing an item or two. They have the nicest *ish.

It's only fitting that I wear all 9 rings when I'm wearing the uncle Karl tank.

Trilby hat: Paul Smith
sterling silver rings: "vintage"
scarf: Nine West
oversized sweater coat: Zara
tank: Karl Lagerfeld x Macy's
drop-crotch paper bag waist denim: JNBY
rubber boots: Diesel

what I'd line up for (H&M x Versace)

Okay, sure... the hype... yeah, yeah.

I, for one, do not give a hoot, hoot about who the "it person" is who had first access to the collection, nor do I want to....

oh, who the hell am I kiddin'?!
everybody wants a piece of the pah (read: pie ala Paula Deen) sometimes.

Although there is one item that caught me eye (aaarrrgg!)

That studded leather backpack this dude is wearing!!! 
I'd go take a random night course just to use that bag. (an excuse to use it. yep. that's legitimate)

I google searched it more than a couple of times and had no luck getting a clue if it will be available.
why the hell would they put it on the runway then?! 

WTF, D?!


new additions

Can't help but get a few more silver rings from the Flea Market.


In Solitary

photo taken by K