Wool Rich

The temperature continues to drop and boy, am I ecstatic? 

Sure, I may be the only person who looks forward to a bitterly cold, dark winter and a snowstorm, but how else will you get the chance to wear a nice goose down parka or a thick hand-knitted marled sweater if it's not cold? You know how annoying it is to layer up and all of a sudden you're sweating bullets like a hooker in church taking a crowded transit on a weekday morning with no elbow room just to remove a scarf. 

So then while we haven't reach a minus degree temperature, it is cold enough to play with the different textures of warm and cozy winter fabrics. There's nothing more comfortable than a plaid shirt, cowl-collared cable knit sweater and a fair isle scarf with a nice wool hat on a cold winter's day.

I'm woolin' (and some acrylic). 

hat: "The Danko" by 18 Waits
fair isle scarf: Polo by Ralph Lauren
pullover: Zara
button-down shirt: Bossini
bracelets: Burkman Bros.
watch: Diesel
large saddle hobo bag: M0851
pants: Gap
shoes: Gram


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