current desire: FUJIFILM X-Pro 1

I have finalized my hunt for a compact mirrorless camera with interchangeable lens that I could carry around like a bird on my shoulder. yes. like a bird on my shoulder.

My initial choice was the X100 because of how it can perform under low sight settings. Every time I need to snap a picture it's always in a dark setting. It's not like I can tell people to move slower or stay still since my camera shutter is at 1/4 of a second to have it properly exposed while it's already grainy as hell from cranking up the ISO. The other drawback was the fixed lens. I tend to admire things from a distance. I don't have front-row access to things, y'know.
I really like it still, though there is always that "but" in the back of my mind that prevented me from making the purchase.

Picture this: Myself sporting this camera around taking pictures and nerdy/geeky girls swooning over me the camera. It's like having a six-pack without the six-pack. sexy.

photo by Daniel Webb of PhotoWebb

Theorem Nouveau

What was supposedly a showcase of the students' talents turned out mostly to be a fundraising show. I felt that there wasn't enough presentation of what the class of 135 had to offer. The styling was perhaps too conventional compared to the "post-concrete jungle, new age spectacle.." that was promised, and a few garments could've been steamed before they were sent out to the runway. It was difficult to not notice with the fabrics used.
I only hope the grads paid attention to the smaller, finer details that reflected them as the "creative minds" who produced the show. 


Sewing: A Forgotten Art

There is nothing more fascinating than seeing how something is built and constructed. 
Looking at the inside of this parka makes me appreciate it even more. 

Can you just imagine how long it takes to make one of these?
From sourcing materials, the silhouette of the coat, to the placement of each elements, it must've taken a team to come up with this. I would love to visit a studio and see how something is made. 
-reminds me of the TV show How's It Made

I'd wear it inside-out to showcase the finer details of the construction but it's not meant to be. I don't want to look like a fool though I may just do it.

The Arctic Parka: British Millerain x Club Monaco

sister surprise

It was my sister's birthday on the 9th and Florence and I had to come up with a way to bring her the news. After taking a million pictures using photo booth to make a postcard, we instead ended up making a what appears to be a music video.

The family did not get to celebrate until the day after because Kaye and Trevor had plans on the actual day.


The Arctic Parka (British Millerain for Club Monaco)

All thanks to recent colder days we're still having I can still wear my newly purchased parka.
I've been yearning for one for a very long time and I just happened to walk in the beautiful Club Monaco store on Robson street and found me a jacket (I'll tell you about that later) and a coat.

I've been attracted to anything waxed lately and this happens to be waxed as well. Lined with what appears to be a blanket and the hood is lined with fur, there is nothing cozier.

The outfit styled with balance in mind wearing a lightning watch, the hair and going sockless for a touch of badass, the scarf, chinos and coat for comfort, and the denim jacket for versatility.
Just another outfit that's thought out. 


Arctic Parka: British Millerain for Club Monaco
scarf: Club Monaco
denim jacket: HBC Olympic Collection
watch: Jeremy Scott x Swatch
pants: Selected Homme

double aged

I spotted this man walking around the city yesterday sporting a completely aged backpack matched with a leather jacket that's just as old. 


down to my last Calvin...

Nothing worries me more than running out of my Calvins.
I have more than a few back-ups but there's something about Calvin Klein underwear that makes a person feel good. 
I know you know what I'm talking about.

laundry time.

underwear: Calvin Klein
pants: Selected Homme
belt: Zara

A Man's World


Bistrot Bistro

How about French for dinner?
oi, por favor! 

To really enjoy a meal for a person like myself normally means pigging out. Yep. Guilty.
 But once in a while I try to keep my dignity in tact by tormenting myself with a meal in dimly lit restaurants, food decorated beautifully that looks like I shouldn't touch and more than enough utensils placed in front of me that makes me question myself how to eat.

That's at least what I thought I'd be expecting when I were about to walk in Bistrot Bistro. 
All my expectations were thrown out the window from the greeting as we walk in and got seated by Valerie. She's one of the owners and she has such a cute accent: warm and welcoming. 
(I can't help but smile thinking about the experience.)

The place was meant for everyone to enjoy French cuisine without the pretentious atmosphere. It says so as you walk in. The place was small and cozy and I say it's the perfect in between size of a casual and fancy restaurant and I have no complains. We were seated beside a group of older people who did nothing but roll their eyes and look at everyone and complain about them. They were obviously in the wrong place.

I really liked everything we ordered, from the escargot to the chocolate mousse.
The only difficulty I had was enjoying the baguette since I have braces on. They're like chastity belt for food but that didn't stop me. I just look a bit more proper because I eat slower.

How about heading over there instead of reading what else I have to say about how great the food was?
go on... get!

note: make sure you call in for reservations

 BB Pate De Campagne

 Escargot in Garlic Butter

 Boeuf Bourguignon

 Pommes Frites

 Chocolate Mousse

 Espresso Ice Cream

Bistrot Bistro
1961 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1M7

phone: 604 732 0004


current desire: this homeless man's hat

I see him almost everyday walking around downtown wearing this hat. 
It has moulded completely to the shape of his head and I really like how worn out it is. I know it's fur felt, I can tell because I've had a real close look at it. 

Yes, I've thought of asking him about it but I feel like a douche inquiring about something that's obviously cherished by the owner. I get jealous every time we walk pass each other.

If only I were a milliner, I'd offer to have it restored for him.
I can only imagine how happy he will be.



I really liked how windy it was last weekend so I went for a walk. 
I knew it'd get really windy but I was not expecting it to be really cold. I was shivering like a chihuahua on a lap having drug withdrawals. (that cold!)

It was a perfect day to wear a trench but what I wore was no thicker than a saran wrap so a layer was in order. What better way to make a little walk more dramatic than wearing an outerwear than gets easily blown by the wind? 

trench: Lanvin H&M
silk/cashmere scarf: unknown
shirt and belt: Club Monaco
silk sweater: Zara
skinny cargo: Levi's
saddle shoes: unknown