"Come Here"

Who doesn't like a good baby-making R&B song?
This song has been stuck in my head and it's on repeat for about a week now so here I am trying to make use of the mic I received as a present. 

Singing is something I do a lot of... and by that I mean A LOT.
If it's got a melody, you'll most likely hear me trying to sing the song just like Patti Labelle sang "ABC".

Here's to you.


Clarks Chukka "Weaver Boot"

We all like a beautifully made pair of shoes especially when they're hand-stitched, have eyelets that are placed at the right spot that makes them fit like a glove and with cushioned soles that will make you feel like you're walking on the clouds.

I was even asked if I intentionally coordinated my outfit to these boots just to see if they would look good on. 
No I did not but they did look great on.

These would make a great addition to a working man's wardrobe and they can be easily paired with pants of almost any colour.

I find the toes on the "Wallabee Chukka" boots a little too squared compared to these which I don't like. 
And the best part is that these are on sale.

Available at the Aldo Sale Shop on Granville and Nelson on every size.

The Perfect Date

April 25th.
Every year I wait for this day. The day that I forcefully wear a light jacket no matter what the weather is like. 
Let me explain...
I remember watching Miss Congeniality a little over a decade ago and after hearing the bit where William Shatner a.k.a. Stan Fields asked Cheryl (Miss Rhode Island) what her idea of a perfect date is, 
she replied..


It stuck to me ever since and I decided that THAT is exactly what I'm doing to do. To wear a light jacket on April 25th. Of course I forgot it in the first two to three years but I try to remind myself about it a few days before. I remember the first time I did. 
My nuts were freezing! 


sunglasses: Lanvin ♡ H&M
jacket: thrifted


current desire: GOYARD Portfolio

I prefer GOYARD over the other brand.


A Dose of Inspiration: San Francisco's Homeless People

There isn't anyone more inspiring than a person without a home who sustains a signature look.

I was ecstatic to see how different they are from guys here at home. They have it all down from their stance as they ask for change to how they layer themselves up for the season. Then again the weather there was a little different from ours here in Vancouver. What I like about them is that what they are wearing is to completely guard them from the weather elements and every single article of clothing is nothing but for a function. 


Day 1: travelling comfortably

Being confined in a plane for a few hours can get quite uncomfortable so I made sure to wear something simple and appropriate. Though sweats and sandals are cozy, I don't think I'll ever be wearing something like it in a city so I relied on the materials of the fabrics that I was wearing for comfort instead.

The pullover is a blend of cashmere and cotton and the scarf is a blend of silk and cashmere.

 pullover: Banana Republic
skinny cargo: Levi's
shoes: Mr. B's for Aldo
clear watch: Aldo
bracelet: Burkman Bros.

at Swan Oyster Depot

This is where I lost my virginity...
I wasn't sure in the beginning but I took a leap of faith and gave in. It wasn't easy but I was convinced I was ready for it. As soon as it touched my lips I knew there no turning back and man, was I glad I did it.
I had my first oyster.

We waited for about an hour which I thought was not too bad. You get to stare and salivate at the kinds of seafood they serve which is displayed right by the window. I do love seafood but I thought the place, especially the trays of seafood displayed on the window could be presented in a much cleaner way. There was no tongs visible and the food is just picked by hand. I did watch one of the guys who also handles the cash if he'd wash his hands... glad he did. 

I found the clam chowder good but a bit salty and the combination salad on a bed of lettuce alright for twenty dollars but the oyster on the other hand I liked.

I suppose it's the service that you pay for. They were all nice and welcoming.


from the plane...


the Camo Peek

First thing I did was head back right out of the house and go anywhere that would carry an old leather bag to start my vacation. From the flea market to vintage shops, the search was pretty adventurous. I did have an idea of what i'm looking for but not knowing what and where I will find a bag was quite fun.

The pullover, camo shirt and braided leather shoes all are thrifted. 
V.V. Chic, I tell yah! 

My apologies that I'm behind on posts but there aren't a lot of wifi spots here and the coffee shop across the hotel closes early. I'll get on it as soon as I can.

Here I am sitting at a patio at Fisherman's Wharf enjoying a cold beverage and a scone but I have to run head to the Alcatraz. 

busy, busy, busy. see yah!

pullover: L.L. Bean
saddle hobo bag: M0851
pants: Selected Homme

Mr. B's Gentlemen's Boutique Suede Laceless Oxfords

Everything that you may have been avoiding on a pair of shoes is what you should get this season.

Are you even familiar with Mr. B's Gentlemen's Boutique?
It's the "higher-end" line for Aldo's mens footwear.

Made with quality in mind, these bad boys fit like a glove. 
A pair of shoes that would look even nicer as it gets dirty and worn out. From a pair of denim of any wash to coloured trousers and shorts, you cannot ask for a more versatile shoes.

It indicates that the colour is "beige" but these oxfords look more like grey in person. It may just be the tone of the soles that makes it appear more yellow but anyway, wear the crap out of 'em and enjoy the warmer days. 

When they get all dirty by the end of summer, they'd then be perfect for fall.

how label deficiency like.

Aluminum shank, Drum-dyed leather, Leather lining/insole ,Leather outsole, Made in Europe, Designed in Italy, Stacked leather heel,  Vegetable-tanned 

you can't ask for more

current desire: vintage Hermés Birkin

No words.
Just a desire.


My Summer Straw Hat

Florence and I went to our favourite thrift store location some days ago and I found another hat. 
I have become a mad hatter since my Paul Smith trilby and the obsession just keeps getting worse.

I have been meaning to deconstruct a Montecristi Panama hat that I have but with my appreciation of beautiful things made by hand, it prevents me from altering things that should be left untouched.

Thanks to places like thrift stores I can be creative with things and be able express ideas I have. I finally have one that I could carelessly toss around and be alright with while I enjoy the sunny days this summer. 

All I did was unravel the edge of the brim and voila!
carefree summer shade.


Woven Leather Lace-Up Shoes

There was the smoking slippers that were nice and simple without the "oohs!" and "aahs!" last season that everybody was doing. Heck, I think almost every brand made their own version of it. And since it has been mass produced and has been accessed by every "fashionably trendy" person, I think it's about time I set my pair aside and find a replacement for them.

I may have just found the perfect substitute for them. 
Woven leather lace-ups are the new shit. ha! I did it first. Yeah, well.. maybe not but I don't see your favourite blogger sporting it. screw you. (evil laughter)

They're different enough to stand out but not too unusual that they'd be trendy. 
It's my sartorial way. You can quote me on that.

A new staple that is a good combination of formal and casual.